Donald J. Trump, Ph.D., is Dean and Professor at Trump University, where he holds endowed Chairs in the Departments of Diplomacy, International Relations, and Science.  As Dean he was responsible for Trump University becoming one of the most respected institutions of higher education in the country, all while being a champion of such critical educational and scientific issues as:



Despite his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Trump also maintains an active research program.


1) Trump PhD, D. J. In review. Controlling Neural Networks Using Homogeneous Algorithms.


2) Trump PhD, D. In Review. Fields and Tropical Galois Theory.

Trump Math




Dr. Trump is also the author a major new statistics book. On sale soon, pre-order your copy now.



The media are disgusting liars. Several members of the media, most of whom are horrible, have written very biased stories about @ScientistTrump.

Some —  I assume — are nice people. But they are truing to rig this election.

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